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Improve Tree Health-Mulch

The most valued and appreciated tree at Cutten Fields is the Sugar Maple beside the 18th green. Over the past few seasons we have witnessed some signs of tree decline in this majestic tree. Course & Grounds are in the process of having the tree assessed by an outside consulting arborist “The Tree Doctor”. The assessment will use sonic tomography to measure the density of the structural wood in the truck section. This will give an indication of the long term stability of the clubs most significant tree. During the initial visit, the consulting arborist recommended applying a mulch bed to the drip line of the tree. Providing a mulch bed is intended to mimic the trees natural environment and is thought to be one of the most beneficial management practices that can be applied to older trees in this type of environment. This will allow the tree roots to consume more nutrients close to the surface, because they do not have to compete with healthy growing grass. Course and Grounds along with the membership feel strongly about placing our best effort to protect and prolong the life of this specimen tree. When mulching trees of any size it is important not to apply too much mulch and it is also harmful to bury the base of the tree.

Some of the benefits of mulching large trees include:

  • Mimics a natural habitat of organic material

  • Reduces competition with grasses and weed

  • Insulates soil, which helps with moisture retention and temperature regulation

  • Mulch breaks down providing nutrients

  • Increased microbial activity

  • Prevents damage caused by mowers

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