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Canadian Turf Talks Podcast- Jeff Mingay and Bill Green

Golf Course Architect Jeff Mingay and Course and Grounds Bill Green joined the hosts of Canadian Turf Talks to discuss the recent renovations at Cutten Fields. Episode 11 Design, Build and Renovate Listen now on Stitcher, iHeart, Spotify, Google podcasts, and Apple Podcasts

Hole No. 12

Jeff Mingay articulates how improvements to the par 5 12th hole at Cutten Fields have visually enhanced the hole by using existing features.  In addition, Jeff discusses how team work lead to problem solving some agronomic challenges around the green sites.  

Hole No. 18

Jeff Mingay discusses the unique architectural pedigree at Cutten Fields and how some of the course features distinguish Cutten Fields as one of Canadas best golf courses. One of the more unique features that has been restored is the symmetrical shape of  the 18th green. There is evidence that many original greens at Cutten Fields were symmetrical in shape, this was likely influenced by amateur golf champion Chick Evans.

Hole No. 6

Jeff Mingay touches on a few of the design characteristics implemented on the new greens including drainage, green size and slope to optimize playability and turf health. 

The old green on the 6th hole was so severely sloped back to front that it was often considered unplayable. In order to improve playability, the newly constructed 6th green was lowered 24 inches at the back and raised 12 inches in the front

Hole No. 7

Jeff Mingay discusses strategic design in golf course architecture, and how it influences playability. Strategic design challenges golfers to analyze a hole, looking to provide the golfer with an advantage. Deciphering the appropriate strategy may provide golfers with superior angles or distances for the next shot.  Hole 7 is an example of how Chick Evans and Stanley Thompson implemented strategy into the design.

Live Q&A

Jeff Mingay, Bill Green, and Mark Hughes answer questions from the members about design, implementation, construction, grow-in and future expectations. 

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