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Masterplan improvements on 1/18 began on November 2, 2020 and included the addition of 3 Fairway Bunkers between 1/18, a fairway adjustment and a renovated tee complex on the first hole. The inspiration behind the bunkers came from the very first depiction of Cutten Fields that was created by Stanley Thompson in 1930, about 6 months before the official opening which was June 10th 1931.

This preliminary plan is the first drawing of the golf course and is a combination of what was designed and built by Chick Evans and the proposed changes that were presented to Arthur Cutten for comments and suggestions. A note on the plan reads: “Course designed by Charles Evan Jr., Chicago. Revamped and depicted by Stanley Thompson & Co LTD”. The plan shows many neat features, some of which were just a vision of what could be and others were unique features that are now part of the distant past with little or no record of their existence.

There are many features on Stanley Thompson’s depiction that have been incorporated into the Masterplan created by Jeff Mingay including Fairway Bunkers on 5, 10, and of course the shared fairway bunkers on 1 and 18. There is no evidence that any of these bunkers were ever built, so it is a great point of interest to be able to execute the vision created by Stanley Thompson 90 years after some of these ideas were first introduced. November was a great month for weather and the majority of work was completed before the end of the season. Come spring, all play will be off the green tee while the remaining work is completed and turf on the newly sodded tees establishes. The improvements to 1 tee include new Blue, White and Red tees that shifted ever so slightly to the right, but more importantly they are on level ground. The cart path is now on the right side of the tees, travels to the green tee and safely down the hill. We are certainly looking forward to introducing these new improvements as we celebrate the 90th anniversary at Cutten Fields.


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