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How to select the proper tees to play from

There are a number of ways to figure out which yardage and tee you should play from. The PGA of America offers a guideline chart to allow golfers to reference their driving distance which then recommends total course yardage.


Golf Course Turfgrass Reduction

Environmentally and Strategically sustainable turfgrass use on golf courses. Article outline some of the benefits of reducing maintained acreage.


The Right Tree In The Right Location

David Oatis- Understanding the origins of tree use on golf courses will help solve tree problems on your golf course. 


Whats New Still Feels Old

Bill Green- 2011 OGSA Article of the Year -The Toronto Golf Club embarked on a major renovation to the Colt course. After six years of planning, town hall meetings, a membership vote, trials, extensive research, and a trip to England the renovation project got underway on July 2, 2009


Preventing Winter Injury

USGA BMP, Bill Green- The soil-based putting greens at Cutten Fields Golf Club have poor surface drainage in numerous areas and relatively high populations of Poa annua.


Stormwater Runoff For Golf Course Irrigation

USGA BMP, David Kupers- Cutten Fields Golf Club developed a valuable supplemental water supply by connecting to a storm sewer that collected runoff from parking lots and roads.

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